Dr. Oz’s Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

What most people won’t tell you is that the secret to a quicker and safer weight loss is following a plan that has been carved out by keeping in mind all the aspects.

If you’ve taken the pledge to lose weight, then you have taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Your next and most crucial step should be to choose a weight loss program that suits you and your lifestyle. If that’s what you have been looking for, then you must give Dr. Oz’s two week plan a try.

Dr Oz Rapid Weight Loss PlanThis diet plan made the news a couple of years ago when it was finally introduced and sent the media and the public into a complete frenzy for being really effective.

Originally, the diet plan was shown on one of the episodes of the Dr. Oz Show and there, it was referred to as the “ultimate diet plan”.

That naturally caught the attention of millions worldwide who were on a quest to lose weight. Apart from weight loss, this plan guarantees detoxification of the body, reduction of inflammation, boosting the body metabolism and making the body more capable of burning calories and fat.

The plan is said to last for a period of two weeks only, and on an average, people lose nearly ten pounds. Wondering what the diet plan is all about and what makes it so special? Well, here goes.


How Does The Plan Work?

Weight Loss Diet PlanApparently, this plan readjusts and refurbishes in a way your body hormones. That is done by cutting out particular food groups, especially those containing simple carbohydrates.

According to the plan, wheat, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, alcohol or processed foods need to be eliminated too. But don’t worry, you won’t have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of food.

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Dr. Oz says that you should eat something every one to two hours. Snacks include healthy foods like vegetable broth. That way, you’ll feel full and satisfied at all times.

Let’s Get Started

If you visit Dr. Oz’s official website, you will find there tons of published and accurate recipes, diet charts and food guides which can help you plan out your meals. In fact, Dr. Oz has taken special care to make sure that the dishes are exceptionally easy to prepare so that everyone can make the most of it.

Most of you might not have heard of the Dr. Oz plan. That is precisely why we have here a step by step plan which tells you how to proceed with the program. It presents to you the exact diet which must be followed by you if you’re planning to give this program a try. You should probably keep a pen and paper ready!

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1) After waking up

drink lemon juice for weight loss

As soon as you wake up, you could kick start your day by consuming one glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon. Lemon contains citric acid which boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day and also enhances your digestive system. Plus, this will really help you detox your body.

2) Breakfast

Take Protein in break fast

As they say, the breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day. If you were planning to skip breakfast, you would be making a major dietary error and Dr. Oz agrees. You need to have a filling breakfast so as to curb the cravings throughout the day. Of course, a “filling” breakfast doesn’t refer to pancakes with maple syrup! You need something healthy and nutritious.

Dr. Oz suggests that you include some proteins in your breakfast; it could be any form, for example and protein smoothie. Not only would it taste good, but also reduces the hunger hormone to a great extent.

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3) Other Food Items

Fish enrich foods

Throughout the day, you will need to keep eating small meals as mentioned above. Naturally, there’s always a tendency to have something that’s easily available- like a can of soda or a bar of chocolate. That’s precisely why you need to carry your food with you. This is particularly true is you’re working long hours.  Make sure your snacks include lots of lean cuts of meat.

They contain proteins; in turn, these proteins compel your body to work twice as hard during the process of digestion. And common sense tells us that that leads to burning more calories. Plus, the amino acids in proteins would help you build your muscle mass.

Fish, eggs and poultry are rich sources of proteins. Plan your meals in such a way that you consume at least 12 ounces of protein rich foods per day.

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4) Light Snacking Throughout The Day

Take snacks throught a day

Dr. Oz takes into account the fact that you will need to indulge in light snacking during the course of the day. An important aspect of this plan is this nutritious vegetable broth. The broth comes with natural detoxifiers and nutrients. The best part? You can eat it as many times as you want.

That way, you would be keeping your stomach full. If you’re tired of having the vegetable broth, you could try something else like quinoa (half a cup) and pair that up with starch free veggies.

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5) 2 Snacks A Day

frozen greek yogurt

If you’ve been craving for some delicious foods lately, you could indulge in a maximum of two snacks a day. The snacks permitted include kettle corn, Greek yogurt, kale chips and nuts. If you live for your one cup of coffee, you’re allowed to have just one cup and not more than that.

6) Rewarding Yourself

weight loss programs

Dr. Oz believes that no diet guarantees perfection and that you shouldn’t set impossible and unrealistic expectations for yourself. You should set little goals and reward yourself on their achievement. You’re entitled to 1 cheat meal in a week so that you can keep yourself motivated and make it to the finish line.

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There you go, that’s the famed Dr. Oz plan for you. Tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s time you embraced a healthier lifestyle. So let’s get started!

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